Machine tool lubrication is not simple these matters need to pay attention to

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  Mechanical equipment is in need of maintenance, of course, so are machine tools.As a machine manufacturing machine, machine tools in metal processing occupies an important position, will be maintained in the production of machine tools to play the greatest benefits.And for machine maintenance, machine lubrication is essential.Lubricating oil can not only reduce the friction of machinery, but also can cool down, seal leakage, prevent corrosion, shock absorption and cleaning and cleaning, increasing the service life of the machine tool, all kinds of benefits show the role of lubrication and maintenance.

   One, the way of machine tool lubrication inventory


   There are many kinds of machine tool lubrication way, common manual oil lubrication, oil drip lubrication, oil line lubrication and oil lubrication, imbibition, centrifugal lubrication, lubrication oil bath lubrication, lubrication oil ring, splash lubrication, scraper lubrication, lubrication of roller, spray lubrication oil lubrication, manual pump pressure pressure circulation quantity and lubricating timing, automatic lubrication, oil mist lubrication and so on.The choice of machine tool lubrication method should be based on the structure of the machine tool, the degree of automation, the working condition of the machine tool and the requirements of precision for comprehensive measurement and decision, machine tool lubrication in order to reduce wear and consumption at the same time to avoid temperature rise and vibration.

   Two, lubrication of the machine tool matters needing attention


   1. The main parts of machine tools are mostly typical mechanical parts, which are standardized, versatile and serialized.For example, sliding bearing, rolling bearing, gear, worm gear pair, rolling and sliding guide rail, screw drive pair (screw nut pair), clutch, hydraulic system, CAM, lubrication is different.Using the environment conditions of
  2, machine tools, machine tool is usually installed in the indoor environment, the environment temperature in summer up to 40 ℃, winter temperatures lower than 0 ℃ when heating ways, make the environment temperature is higher than 5-10 ℃.High precision machine tool requires constant temperature air conditioning environment, generally in 20 ℃.But because of the accuracy of many machine tools and higher degree of automation, the viscosity of lubricating oil, oxidation resistance (service life) and the cleanliness of oil requirements are more stringent.
  3, working conditions of machine tools: different types of machine tools of different specifications and sizes, even in the same machine tool due to the different conditions of the workpiece, working conditions are very different.Requirements for lubrication vary.For example, the grinding wheel spindle bearing of high-speed internal grinding machine is quite different from the heavy-duty and low-speed spindle bearing of heavy-duty machine tools in terms of lubrication methods and lubricants.The former needs to be lubricated by oil mist or oil/gas system, with a lower viscosity, while the latter needs to be lubricated by oil bath or pressure circulation system, with a higher viscosity
  4, lubricating oil and lubricating coolant adaptability, rubber seals, paint material: used on most of the machine tool lubrication coolant, in lubricating oil, often due to mixed with coolant and oil emulsification and metamorphism, parts of rust, etc., make the rubber seal expansion deformation, make the parts surface bubbles, peeling paint coating.So consider the oil and lubrication coolant, rubber seals, paint material adaptability, prevent oil leakage.In particular, with the improvement of the degree of automation of machine tools, some automation and CNC machine tools in the use of lubrication/cooling oil, both as lubricating oil, can also be used as lubrication coolant.

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